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New designs

Below you can find several samples of our mosaic motives.

The sheets showed are manufactured in dimensions from 30 x 40 cm, to 30 x 100 cm.

The images belong to pieces of 10,5 x 10,5 cm. and the colours are as close as possible to the original.

Dimensions and colours can be changed, as well as we produce customs designs.

msc001 msc001M
Oak Mahogany

msc001E msc002o
Etimoe Oak

msc002E msc002F
Etimoe Ash

msc002R msc004
Oak Cherry - Mukali

msc006 msc009S
Sycomore - Sipo Sycomore - Sipo - Cherry

msc009W msc010P
Oak - Mahogany - American Walnut Padouk

msc010S msc010W
Sycomore American Walnut

msc011P msc011W
Padouk - Oak American Walnut - Cherry

msc012S msc013A
Sycomore - Cherry Purpleheart - Sycomore

msc013B msc014
Black - Sycomore American Walnut

msc015W msc015S
American Walnut Sycomore

msc016 msc017P
Ovengkol Padouk - Sipo - Sycomore

msc017B msc018
Black - Sipo - Sycomore Oak - Sipo - Wenge

msc019 msc020
American Walnut Sapele

msc021 msc022W
American Walnut - European Walnut - Ovengkol Bubinga - American Walnut - Mahogany

msc022C msc022M
Sapele - Mahogany - Bubinga Sapele - Mahogany - Ovengkol

msc023A msc023B
American Walnut - Sycomore American Walnut - Sycomore

msc023C msc024A
American Walnut - Bubinga European Walnut - Cherry - Mahogany

msc024B msc024C
Cherry - Mahogany - American Walnut Cherry - Mahogany - American Walnut

msc024D msc024E
Mahogany - Bubinga - European Walnut American Walnut - Cherry - Sipo

msc024F msc025A
American Walnut - Cherry - Mahogany Cherry - Mahogany

msc025B msc026
American Walnut - Cherry Sipo - Cherry